Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Mangled Torsos - Drawings of the Dead (1994)

   "Drawings of the Dead" was a genuine old school death metal classic, that could be sorted to those albums which had the most wretched main impression.
   It was an extraordinary way to reach the darkest depths of musickness. Maybe it's better to say that diversity was the main feauture they operated with, because they mixed various influences and solutions to create one whole heavy mass, and all of them served the main cause well. The doom-like influences, the heavy themes, the occasional fast hammerings, some infesting goregrind-like touch, the retching growling and wretched vocal style. The catchy melodic parts having similar effect like the lightest melodies used up as background music for the goriest scenes of a horror movie. The concept and even this whole complex, well-composed putrid mass strongly reminds to Necrophiliac. Similarly to that other masterpiece, "Drawings of the Dead" is also one of the less known, hidden gems of the genre.

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