Monday, December 25, 2017

Altar - Youth Against Christ (1994)

   By listening Altar's aggressive anti-Christian musical rampage, the thought of the direct, strong influence of Deicide couldn't be shoo off.
   This extremely rageful and intense hammering definitely refers to Deicide in music, lyrics and main concept, but meanwhile listening the musical influence of Sinister and early Grave also could be suspected. The familiar sounding themes and impression may can distinguish "Youth Against Christ" from the exact Deicide copies, but not able to pull it out from their line. By the other influences of their music, the album didn't turn so repetative, and the classy old school death metal features are dominant. Altar basicly wasn't a very particular band, even though they probably had the strong ambition for that. They offered high quality death metal as it was usual from Dutch bands, and except that their appearence could have been impressive only for the most obsessed fans of satanic/anti-Christian death metal and of course for those who couldn't get enough from Deicide.

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