Thursday, September 28, 2017

Mourning - Greetings from Hell (1993)

   Lots of excellent bands appeared in the Dutch underground scene during the early '90s, and most were able to give a new tone to extreme metal.
   Death/Doom bands were more common to find there than anywhere else, and they mostly had their own individual imaginations about that style, so the main view is quite diverse and it's easy the distinguish them. Mourning was into the classical way of Death/Doom, to play something primitive, raw and very heavy. Their music introduces a cold and quite unfriendly world ruled by limitless cruelty, and they did their best to make it sound so evil as it's possible. So light melodies and melancholic background shouldn't be expected, it's noisy and dirty sounding Death/Doom in the old school way, and filled with hatred of course. The themes are often raw, but mostly keeping their simplicity to grant the level of heaviness that is required for this style. "Greetings from Hell" is a less known, but strongly recommended classic of the genre.

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