Saturday, September 9, 2017

KMFDM - Angst (1993)

   During it's long existence since the mid '80s, KMFDM broke through the borders of industrial step by step, as some purposeful progression.
   At the beginning this project was about raw and cold sounded industrial such as others did in this style in the '80s. But as they left Germany and moved to America, their way to wider succes became more evident. Not only because they involved into the American industrial scene, but their music became more diversive too, and included various influences by other genres. "Angst" brought complete international succes. It was far already from the unfriendly commerse sound and cold repetitive themes. The Rock/Metal influences had some balanced fusion with electro-industrial, and the album was opened into a far more mainstream direction too. The early distorted vocals lost their leading role, clear male and felame singing took them down, and the lyrics balanced between political messages and more chilling topics. As industrial music slowly left the dancefloors of dirty underground clubs and desolated factories to find a darker path, KMFDM drove it back, but in this case onto much wider dancefloors with floodlight.

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