Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Melvins - Houdini (1993)

   The Melvins were always famous about experimenting to play heavier music than it was usual in the styles their tried themselves into. Their music wasn't only heavy but very raw too, which couldn't fit between the borders of the current genres and they couldn't had many chance to apply to any popularity contests either.
   Their alternative, punk, doom and grunge influenced music might be hard to enjoy without psychedelic drug abuse, which might had important role in writing their songs too. Anyway the uprising grunge wave of the early '90s was symptahizing with that concept and had a fortunate effect on their popularity too. And luckily that time they released "Houdini", which is probably their most audience-friendly album. The heaviness of their music is not based on the slower themes only, but their sound was more distorted and unfriendlier too. These ambitions made them a significant influental band of the sludge metal genre. "Houdini" is not a remarkable album only because it shows a genuine way how to merge various genres to create antisocial music, but also shows by detailed features how sludge metal was born.

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