Thursday, March 9, 2017

Delirium - Zzooouhh (1990)

   Delirium is one of the many forgotten and hidden gems of the early '90s. As a one album band, their name was never widely known, even though (or exactly because) they were a pioneer band of death/doom.
   Probably their favorite band was Celtic Frost and they listened that band from day to night, because most of the themes and even the sounding of "Zzooouhh" is reminding to them. Their mid speed and slow, notorious themes are referring back to them all the time with the combination of some disharmony and occasional fast hammering. The brutally deep growling vocal style is turning the main view into a way sick level that could be compared maybe to Autopsy. In truth not the direct will to mix the two genres was leading them into death/doom, but an ominous and deeply sick feeling that they wanted to put into highlights. And the most obvious way to express such feelings is to extend showing them. Plus all was made under the strong influence of Celtic Frost. "Zzooouhh" is an interesting event of extreme metal.

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