Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Cure - Pornography (1982)

   The appearence of The Cure caused a gothic-post-punk wave, and their latest, and I think best album in their early and most depressive period was "Pornography". Their previous albums also don't had any message of endless happinness, and the desperately suffering voice of Robert Smith worked well too as narrative instuctions for the listener, to find the darkest corner of the room and hide there. But on "Pornography" they reached the top with their melancholic and depressive music.
   "It doesn't matter if we all die..." To start an album like that is really cheerful, isn't it? Anyway the atmoshpere and the music itself are also more intense like on their previous albums, and this is the main cause why it became more effective. Their music stayed so simple like it was, but this small change resulted a deeper impression which may cast down the sensitive soul of the unsuspicious listener into more endless depths. Out of the borders of post-punk, The Cure's early period is an important event in alternative music too in general.

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