Monday, July 16, 2018

Cerebrocide - Delusion (1999)

   Cerebrocide was also an old school death metal band with a late full-lenght debut, such as most newer names in the almost decayed death metal scene of the late '90s.
   After an average start, "Delusion" was a great step, and showed stunning progression all-round. The sound developed a lot, they played far more intense and diverse than before. Their music still included the feeling of old school death metal, the actual changes in the main scene didn't have much influence on them. Very enjoyable guitar themes, fast, thrash influenced hammering, and deep growling are the main features of "Delusion". Such as most old German death metal bands, they also tried to involve some plus, something uncommon into their music. That lies mostly in the lyrical concept, but their themes are more diverse than what may be usual at ordinary death metal bands. They tried to focus on heavy societal problems, inner struggles and the morbid aspects of life. This gave a relevant seriousness to their lyrics and a positive main message, that definitely counts as an explicit and rare feature. Unfortunately the album is barely known and badly underrated, but "Delusion" was probably one of the best death metal albums of the late '90s.

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