Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Darkthrone - Panzerfaust (1995)

   As one of the most productive and creative Norwegian black metal bands, Darkthrone experimented with plenty of styles. After debuting with a death metal album, they developed the ordinary Norse sound of black metal.
   Their most preferred and most popular period was between "Soulside Journey" and "Goatlord", and "Panzerfaust" was not only on the top of the black metal styled music they have made, but probably their best album too. They have tried all opportunities to go always further, and completely succeeded to develop the most suitable sound and to gather the catchiest themes for the ultimate touch of darkness. The atmosphere took lower part than earlier, but still it's enough effective. The strongest point of "Panzerfaust" is that even though the concept and the musical themes are simple, it's able to leave behind mixed feelings in the listener and to inject a complex impression. Suffering, hatred, rage, bitterness and the indispensable coldness are the main features of this impression that not many bands were able to reach and present like Darkthrone did.

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