Saturday, January 27, 2018

Necrobiosis - My Soul (1994)

   Such as most of the forgotten Polish one album death metal bands, Necrobiosis' music bequeathed only on tape for the after-ages.
   Middle speed and strong atmoshpere are the most significant characteristics of  "My Soul", and the main impression is more like melancholic even though the vocal style is quite aggressive. Some doom metal influence could be sensed too, and the direct influence of Asphyx could be presumed. This combination of cawing narratives, middle speed, common slow downs and simple themes gave that impression. Maybe the sound was similar too, but that's hard to tell after the poor quality in which "My Soul" remained. Still Necrobiosis stayed more on the ground of death metal. Heavy and ominous themes they didn't involve, the contrast of harsh sound and atmospheric-melancholic backround was in their focus. So intense brutality wasn't the strongest point of the album,but still it didn't reach the border of death/doom. It could be interesting enough in it's simple form as an individual report from the times of the change of the extreme musical scene.

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