Friday, March 24, 2017

Ripping Corpse - Dreaming With the Dead (1991)

   Ripping Corpse's "Dreaming With the Dead" is an outstanding masterpiece of the all-time thrash scene. But sadly very a underrated one the same time.
   About their influences Slayer have to be mentioned because of the vocal style and some reminding themes. In intensity they went further into the direction of death metal. Speed changes are common and effective. Excellent themes bonding together the diverse show up of their musical ambitions. There are no boring moments or miserably repetative parts on this album, it's just rampaging through with it's boundless insane aggressiveness. About lyrics the world of horror they found the most inspiring. Compared to other cultic albums of the thrash genre, "Dreaming With the Dead" rising above with it's technical knowledge and well composed structure. And also showed that playing intense by massive and endless hammering is only one thing, but creating a contrast could exceed that level. Perfect album in all-round.

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