Thursday, January 26, 2017

Holy Moses - Queen of Siam (1986)

   Germany had a very strong thrash metal scene, and the remains of that scene can produce great bands even nowadays. Nowadays, when the whole genre is forced into the background. Holy Moses was one of the first bands of this remarkable scene, but still a less known one.
   Their music didn't had so a lot of fans like Destruction, Kreator or Sodom, but they were more unique and had a musical approach that was far different from the others. Some kind of weirdness that is hard to describe, but it's involved into their themes. In lyrics they also had interesting ideas. By the way they were not between the first ones only in their local thrash scene, but they had the first female vocalist (Sabina Classen) who preferred growling instead of singing. And she really did her job well, because most people that time didn't even believed that the voice of a woman they heard. The "Queen of Siam" album is probably their most intense one in their early period, it has simpler themes and songs, but the freshness of a debuting band could be heard through their noisy thrashing.

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