Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Decadence - Decadence (2005)

   Even though it's not possible to show anything new in thrash metal, some bands appearing from time to time to remind to the "good old times" of extreme metal by their nostalgic musical approach.
   Decadence was  one of the rare newbies who brought back the feeling of the '80s metal scene by their music. Even though their strong affection of intense thrashing is evident, they are more melodic than it could be expected from a thrash metal band. The influence of speed and heavy metal also could be sensed from their lots of catchy melodies. It sounds like if they tried to find some balance between the intense speed, aggressive female vocal and melodic themes, and the latest had the heaviest weight on the scale at the end. Some themes on the side of the vocal style are able to cause some déjá vu effect, and if they tried to remind to Holy Moses... but Decadence's music isn't so raw and it's definitely audience friendlier. It's more like an individual summation, a little bit of everything that was good in '80 metal. So even though the scale turned more to the brighter side, the band found some kind of middle way that could be compatible for the fans of heavy, speed and thrash metal too. They are able to show something interesting for those who may get bored of repeating features of any of the less preferable styles.

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