Friday, February 10, 2017

Repulsion - Horrified (1989)

   Not the UK was the only birthplace of grindcore, even though the genre was the most productive in that area and became known worldwide. The music (or noise) that Repulsion played counted as a milestone in extreme metal.
   The band created the basics of grindcore in the '80s already, parallelly with bands like Carcass, Napalm Death and Terrorizer, but their name became less known probably because of their lower productiveness, short active period and common name changes. Even the current material, their one and only full-lenght record that was basicly a demo tape, came out under the name Genocide first titled as "The Stench of Burning Death". Later as Repulsion - "Slaughter of The Innocent". But thanks to Necrosis Records founded by Carcass members (Mr. Jeff Walker and Mr. Bill Steer) the record wasn't completely lost and forgotten, but had a release under the name of Horrified. While most grindcore bands were into political and societal topics, a few others (like Carcass) were more interested in gore. Repulsion also could be sorted to the second group, and they were inspirational for late goregrind bands, but their lyrics showed more similarities to ordinary death metal lyrics. The early elements of the genre such as punk, death and thrash metal could be sensed well from their primitive themes, and introduced a new level of musical extremeity by their intesiveness.

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