Thursday, July 5, 2018

Defleshed - Fast Forward (1999)

   Defleshed was one of the less known old school bands that were formed in the early '90s and experienced the rising of the extreme metal scene at first hand.
   Their thrashy style of death metal probably counted a bit more traditional amongst the dozens of death metal bands who tried to exceed each other in brutality and heaviness like if it was some kind of competition. But Defleshed had a field on which they were unbeatable, and that was the speed of their raw, intense and aggressive thrashing. In their music the influences of the simple, primitive style of Swedish death metal and the elements of traditional German thrash could be sensed. In lyrical topics they stayed at the old school direction too. At the late '90s when "Fast Forward" came out, this style counted as something commerse and nostalgic already. Their style didn't change at all, they kept playing very fast and aggressive, and always good quality records came out from their hands. "Fast Forward" was another excellent reminder of the effectiveness of the raw old school style of metal that seemed like to completely disappear in those times.

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