Thursday, July 5, 2018

Avulsed - Stabwound Orgasm (1999)

   Avulsed is definitely Spain's number one death metal band and also counts as a unique band of the main scene that always deserves attention.
 "Stabwound Orgasm" was only their second full-lenght album, even though they started to play their mainly Cannibal Corpse influenced music already in the early '90s. This is probably their best and most melodic album and includes their catchiest themes. But it was never far from Avulsed to put some melodies on the side of heavy brutality. If the style melodic death metal wasn't depend from the growling vocals only and lack the musical features of death metal, "Stabwound Orgasm" could redefine that term. This album is really like old school death metal all-round and melodic the same time. This combination assisted by Dave Rotten's iconic deep growling style creating a very enjoyable whole. Probably it's not surprising, but their most preferred lyrical topics are gore and sexual perversions. Their creativeness about these topics are quite remarkable. Somehow they never sound boringly repetitive. "Stabwound Orgasm" provides excellent entertainment for the fans of gore based old school musickness.

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