Sunday, November 18, 2018

Anaal Nathrakh - The Codex Necro (2001)

   Anaal Nathrakh gained wider attention fast by their interesting sound and experiment to give a new tone to musical extremity.
   There were plenty of experiments before to mix industrial with death metal, but in most cases the electronic music influences had to replace some of the features (like the extreme speed or noisy sound) to be able to prevail, and turned the music more melodic. Anaal Nathrakh tried the opposite, to increase the speed and turn everything noisier. A few bands (like The Berzerker for instance) tried this path too, but they didn't really succeed by speeding up the most primitive electronic sound and simply pasting it into death metal. Anaal Nathrakh payed more attention to find some balance for the sound (in the chaos), they tried to industrialize the that time newly spreading black metal. The basic sound of black metal had a fusion with raw industrial noise and the intensity they pulled up to the level of grindcore. In this form it worked and first of all the fortunate the style selection was responsible for their success. The industrial noise they experimented with didn't only fit well to the atmospheric black melodies, but also increased the level of insanity exaggeratedly. However this style also wasn't able to open new perspectives for extreme music, others who also tried this mix were not so lucky.

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