Sunday, May 20, 2018

Evilution - Shrine of Desecration (1997)

   Those who missed the good old times of death metal, occasionally could find a few albums which were made with the same spirit, only came out a bit late.
   Evilution had only one short album during their 10 years of activity. "Shrine of Desecration", this mostly Cannibal Corpse and Monstrosity influenced old school brutal death rampage in the late '90s was like a lonely headstone in a desolated landscape, sentenced to be unnoticed and forgotten. Even though the album was very intense, had excellent sound and themes, and referred to the bigger names of the genre; for the main audience seemed probably nothing more, than an enjoyable nostalgia of a fan made project. But Evilution didn't simply copy the favorites. From the late '90s brutal death and it's progressive or technical versions were in highlights in the suddenly shranked undergoud scene, and "Shrine of Desecration" could count as of the first ones of these modernized albums. An effective piece of old school influenced brutality!

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