Sunday, May 20, 2018

Crisis - The Hollowing (1997)

   Crisis was a very interesting band in the main metal scene, not only because their style was everything but ordinary, but also because their music was very difficult to cathegorize.
   They started with some death metal influenced mix of weird alternative style and hardcore, and lately they ended up with sludge and metalcore influences. This progression counts only partly as a "keep up" with the main trends, because they kept their extraordinary style. The roots of these problems are based on a common thing: the simpler music a band plays, the more difficult to determine it's features, especially in the case of very diverse influences. We can't say that Crisis was a death metal, or hardcore, or alternative rock, or sludge, or thrash metal, or metalcore ect. band, but their simple themes included all of these influences, and even more. Definitely Karyn was the soul of the band, and she was in main focus too. Her vocal style and range of voice counts very unique even nowadays, when it's not a big thing to find female metal vocalists. It seemed like no problem for her to suddenly switch from clear singing to growling or insane screaming. Such as the previous 2 albums, "The Hollowing" is also not free fom uncommon musical solutions and ideas, but it sounds like they seeked for a more unified sound than before. Catchier themes, intense bass lines, and melancholic melodies are it's main characteristics. And of course the rageful, desperate, insane screams of Karyn, that is still something unmatched.

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