Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Disgust - A World of No Beauty (1996)

   It's interesting that the simpler a music is, the more possibilities it could give for those who wants to sort music into exact styles.
   The most common standpoint is that Disgust was as a crust punk band, but grindcore also appeared as their style determination. It's because the band formed by some ex-members of Extreme Noise Terror and Michael Burston (ex-Motörhead), and they brought the main musical characteristics with themselves. That's why their music was a bit heavier than ordinary crust punk, but still it didn't reach the intensiveness of grindcore. The concept was the same like in crust punk, based on political and societal critics, especially if they are related to war and violence. In truth this unusual team-up resulted a project that sounds like the powered up and more monotone version of Master, and if it's about crust punk, the heavier version of Doom. Even if they had different roots, the concept was almost the same, and musically they are similar. The difference is that Disgust showed poorer diversity, the same basic punk hammering and simple guitar themes could be heard in eleven songs lenght. Except the last song, that is a slow, instrumental one, it wouldn't be even needed to divide the album into different tracks, cause they are just all the same. Except that "A World of No Beauty" could be very enjoyable for the fans of old school punk influenced metal.

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