Sunday, May 13, 2018

Crusher - Daymares (1996)

   The debut of the Czech old school death metal band Crusher arrived a bit late, when extreme music lost it's previous wider attention. But better later than never.
   Even though it's barely known and badly underrated, "Daymares" had an excellent quality compared to most other projects of the '90s Eastern European scene. The album was very stunning both in sound and themes, it's probably one of the best materials of the scene. Their music convey a similar impression like Morta Skuld or Baphomet with their mainly mid speed themes. Very simple and short solos increasing the classical impression. The cawing vocals setting it up to a more aggressive level. In general heaviness is the main feature that is responsible for the intensiveness of "Daymares".  It could fit next to the greatest death metal albums of the '90s. The band lately left the old school line and by following the actual underground trends, involved grindcore influences into their music that became way more intense and insane.

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