Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Naphobia - Of Hell (1995)

   Naphobia doesn't count as a late arrived band, and they were at the best location with the best timing too. They probably experienced in first hand in Florida as it's notorious death metal scene was unleashed and had it's golden age. Still their debut came out late and they split-up shortly after.
   Their one and only full-lenght album was like a melting pot, a little bit of everything that could be included by their first hand experiences. During listening many names may show up as possible influences, like Morbid Angel, Deicide, early Obituary, or Acheron. But this crazy raw mass couldn't succeed only by the classics of death metal. With time even some early thrash/death attitude could be sensed, referring to bands who tried to increase their level of extremity by the speed, like Sadus did. By the actual sound it effects heavier of course and reminds to Ripping Corpse. "Of Hell" sounds like a late came report that summarized how the Floridan scene was like. Seperating it's specific components to reunite them for an individual perspective. Too early for a nostalgia album, but too late for sparking wider attention... Still an old school classic.

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