Monday, May 29, 2017

Necrosanct - Incarnate (1992)

   After a weak debut a so stunning album came out from Necrosanct that became one of the most exciting moments of the British death metal scene.
   They showed a big progression in themes and sound after "Equal in Death". Their music became more complex. "Incarnate" is far heavier and represents a better quality. The very noisy, ravaged sound on the side of the suffocating vocal style reminds to Asphyx. Simple and stict hammering gave the constant intensity and chaos connected with short mid speed themes. All-in-one it was an extraordinary album of the British scene, because it lacks the main absorbing features that were usual there, and that's why "Incarnate" was more effective too. Also suspects influences from the main scene, which was also not common at British bands to take. Compared to other local veteran bands like Bolt Thrower, Cancer, Prophecy of Doom or Benediction, Nercosanct is out of line and gave a new dark shade to that scene.

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