Sunday, May 28, 2017

Expulser - The Unholy One (1992)

   Expulser followed the good old blasphemous and completely compromise-less, exaggerated path of Brazilian extreme music, strongly influenced by Sarcófago.
   Similarly to that scene, their music was also on the borderlines of genres, but in their case the fusion of those styles wasn't so homogene to create something specific. The influences of death and thrash metal are more insulated, but the references to Sarcófago are in exact majority by the heavily insane feeling that comes with the noisy hammering parts. Thrashing moments are more like occasional or filling completely those few songs which were written to sound less animalistic. The band probably tried to exceed the intensity and brutality of their most influental favorite band. In heaviness it was successful, but in insanity and themes it wasn't. Still "The Unholy One" is an excellent and entertaining album for the lovers of musickness, and it's between the most brutal albums of the South American scene from those times.

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