Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sororicide - The Entity (1991)

   Plenty of very interesting forgotten albums could be found from the golden age of extreme music. Sororicide's one and only full-length album fits to all features oto the term "old school death metal", but somehow it points toward on the main scene's rageful hammerings.
   Frequent tempo changes are usal on "The Entity", which is filled with various exciting themes. The sick melodies creating a genuine atmosphere, which could be described as weird or insane the same way. There is some melancholic and ominous feeling too, so no matter with how simple themes they were operating with, the result is not simple at all. It's something complex, which needs to be listened over and over again, to find out a new impression every time. So in general these occasional melodic moments, and short sick solos making the whole album's sounding so catchy, and adding a pulling-off awesome feeling to it which couldn't be compared anything else. "The Entity" is a very underrated masterpiece of the early '90s extreme metal scene.

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