Sunday, April 23, 2017

Massacra - Enjoy the Violence (1991)

   France wasn't famous about taking piece from the extreme scene, and for a very long time similar bands simply don't had any chance to play or to get the support they needed from the audience, bacause simply they couldn't reach them.
   Massacra's music was everything but acceptable in France, so they didn't hesitated for long. They signed a contract with a German record label, for their thrash influenced aggressive music sparked more attention in Germany than in their homeland. After the noisy debut "Final Holocaust", their second album showed more mature sounding, well composed themes, and exceeded their previously heard intensity. Soon their name became widely known and their popularity could be compared to bands like Pestilence or Cancer. This was also because of their albums were well distributed, and extreme fans could found them easier. In style they were also fit to that line, their thrash/death rampage made "Enjoy the Violence" one of the most aggressive and intense albums of those times.

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