Sunday, April 23, 2017

Blasphereion - Rest in Peace (1991)

   There was no lack of experiments in extreme music in the early '90s. Blasphereion's "Rest in Peace" sounds like the mix of the actual musical influences of those times.
   The intense hammering is not lasting for long, and not having a main role, only lay down the basics of their music. Slow downs are common to extend their heaviness, and occasionally even to involve melodies. These slow themes could fit well into death/doom style, but only appearing for the same cause like the more melodic ambitions, to make the main view more colorful. Which somehow didn't became an important feature of the album, because of it's heavy, primitive sounding. This clouded heaviness reducing the effect of their experimentings, but their influence is not neglectable. Deep growling vocals are assisting, which reminding to the vocal style of Chris Barnes in the early period of Cannibal Corpse. No matter that "Rest in Peace" sounds like a simple old school primitive record for first listening, it could cause pleasurable moments for the fans of this style.

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