Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sepultura - Morbid Visions (1986)

   The South American scene became so special and genuine not only because of it's more or less isolated situation things were going there a bit differently. But also because it was rise up without any reasonable wider support from an environment of deep poverty and corruption.
   Sepultura was the first in the line of those bands who developed that exciting mix of extreme music in that area, and definitely the first South American metal band who gained international success. As their main musical influences we could mention Venom, Slayer and Celtic Frost, and it's also true about the development of the mixed style of this scene. It's was a different and independent way from what happened in the USA or in Europe. Such as Celtic Frost was on some borderline, they also settled there. Early Sepultura had both the features of thrash and death metal as we hear now, but that time the second genre didn't really exist yet. "Morbid Visions" was an album of a young and eager band who were excited to do something brutal and remarkable, and even the line of accidents enhanced their fresh intensity. Like their guitars were not even toned during the album recordings. They didn't even speak English that time, only tried to translate their lyrics by a dictionary. However, that powerful start resulted the forming of a new scene, and gave a new classic to extreme metal.

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