Friday, July 6, 2018

Paganizer - Deadbanger (1999)

   Paganizer beceame known as a death metal band, but their debut was quite different from their late style.
   "Deadbanger" had an old school '80s-like style that is frequently appearing in the Swedish metal scene. This is usually a mix of heavy, speed and thrash metal with some black metal influences. It's like a reference to Venom, but this style is more genuine and far more intense. To balance on the borders of those genres may also give wider possibilities, but similar bands prefer to create a unified style. The lyrics may sound immature like old heavy metal lyrics, and including a doubtless sympathy with the devil, but that just serves the old school feeling. The themes are showing plenty of heavy metal references, but for the intensiveness and the aggressive attitude the speed and thrash influences are responsible. The touch of black metal appearing only in the vocal style and in the lyrical concept. The demo versions of the songs had a vocal style closer to death metal growling. Albums likes "Deadbanger" could leave a dejavu feeling in the listener. However the '80s have passed without similar bands too, but still these are excellent nostalgia albums, filling a long time missing part in the main scene and are party compatible the same time. Hails for the "Deadbanger"!

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