Sunday, May 13, 2018

Coal Chamber - Coal Chamber (1997)

   A new style was forming in the mid '90s in America to refresh the metal scene, instigated mainly by Korn and producer Ross Robinson (ex-Détente). Soon others joined to the newly found Nu Metal wave, such as Coal Chamber did too.
   Since almost everything was done in metal already that could be made, the newbies involved various different musical styles into metal. Hip-hop, alternative rock and industrial influences appeared, and that wasn't much different at Coal Chamber either. While most nu metal musicians tried to seem more chilled than others and went to the stage in tracksuit and skate shoes to rap and scream about their misty private life issues, Coal Chamber took the grotesque look of Marilyn Manson and completed that with extreme hair styles, significant amount of piercings and painted nails. To shock visually was almost same important feature of the genre like the music itself. Harsh vocal style, screaming and clear singing were same usual at them, while musically very simple, repetitive guitar themes was their main feature. Basicly it was the same like in industrial metal projects. The distorted effects on guitars may result a heavier impression, especially with the assistane of visuals, but in general their music is way softer than how it first seems like. The common appearence of probably fun-boredom inspired ideas also decreasing the heaviness and seriousness of the album. Coal Chamber took it's piece from the uprising nu metal scene as one of it's darker-wannabe bands.

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