Monday, April 30, 2018

Sabbat - The Dwelling (1996)

   If Venom had an almost twenty minutes long song about the rampage of dark forces that used to exhibit their high musical capacity, why not to try to do something similar? Or even better, why not an album-lenght song?
   "The Dwelling" is probably the most remarkable masterpiece of Sabbat, another proof about their limitless productiveness. In truth the album easily could be divided to 8-9 songs, but the way how they operated with the transitions, the returning leading melodies and the balance of harmony and disharmony; is able to hold the attention of the listener enough to give up similar plans soon. "The Dweling" maybe includes the catchiest themes that Sabbat ever  wrote. The mix of heavy, thrash and black metal now creates a whole that fits together very well as a soundtrack for the birth of evil. Keyboards and acoustic parts turning the main view more colorful. The album sounds to get a bit tired close to the end, and after such musical diversiveness it wouldn't be a wonder. But it seems like Sabbat always have a plus card to impress and to show what musical maximalism means. Even though the main inspiration of "The Dwelling" is clear, it's a very enjoyable and genuine extreme metal masterpiece.

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