Sunday, March 18, 2018

Eternal Solstice - Horrible Within (1995)

   Eternal Solstice is a less known, but old band existing since the beginning of the golden age of death metal, straight from the hellpit of the Dutch scene. They debuted with a rude sounded, mostly Swedish death metal influenced album. For their second coming their music showed some further development.
   Grave, Unleashed and Entombed should be mentioned in first line if it's about their assumed influences. The ant-religious lyrics are like some strongly related references too. The basics stayed the same, but in themes they showed some plus diversity. "Horrible Within" is still an angry album that represents the simple, primitive brutality of the Swedish scene but some involved melodies, the creative composing of themes, and the solo parts with very old school touch telling about progression. That resulted more mature sound and increased the effectiveness of their hammering rampage. These features may shoo off any chance of disappointment for the fans of the unfriendly, cold sound of the Swedish death metal classics.

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