Sunday, October 8, 2017

Spina Bifida - Ziyadah (1993)

   Amongst the lots of death and death/doom projects of the early '90s Dutch metal scene, Spina Bifida showed also what high standards meaning by their one and only full-lenght album, "Ziyadah".
   This high quality and well composed material is somewhere in the middle between the two ordinary ways of death/doom. The melodic, experimenting ambitions influenced by Paradise Lost are there, but the simple, heavy themes and harsh sound having leading role. The lyrics are closer to the first direction with their abstract and sometimes philisophical approach, so even if musically they sound unfriendly, the main message is more like agnostic, mystical and melancholic. Musically with less they tried to show more. That may sound  like the same could be told about any other bands in this style, but in this case it's not a potencial soundtrack of complete destruction and hopelessness, but serves only the heaviness of their music, trying to keep in balance with the lyrics and may give an interesting impression that made this album extraordinary.

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