Saturday, September 30, 2017

Burial - Relinquished Souls (1993)

   If some people are very obsessed by a specific band like the members of Burial were, their own music would not show many differences from their favorite. It could be nostalgic for the other similarly obsessed fans, and serve their tormenting need to listen some more that's exactly the same.
   It's clear that the main influences of Burial's music were Massacre and Death. The vocal style is an exact reference to Kam Lee, while most themes and the sound together are like "Spiritual Healing" by Death mixed with "From Beyond". They probably listened these albums from morning to night every day, so all themes of the Rick Rozz, Terry Butler, Bill Andrews, Kam Lee/Chuck Schuldiner line-up completely burned into their minds. They really played so similar to their favorites that if "Relinquished Souls" was came out under the name of Massacre, nobody would notice the difference, except their vocalist had different voice than Kam Lee have. Anyway they did a good job, the album is a high quality material, and even their ideals would be proud to listen it. 

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