Sunday, March 26, 2017

Kyuss - Wretch (1991)

   Kyuss was maybe the most influental pioneer band of the stoner rock genre, which is often called as desert rock. And also famous about intense cannabis abuse as a source of inspiration for the bands and as a common way of entartainment between the circle of fans.
   Their first full-lenght album, "Wretch" could define the features of this genre very well. The direct influences of the heaviest bands from the '70s (of course their self-destructive feeling included) placed into the '90s, like a modern sound of the old school hard rock music. That may not sound surprising in isolated-desolated areas where time seem to be stuck. The "Wretch" album has all features which may be common in this style and lately were picked up by others who chosed to follow this path with their music. The lately most usual mid-speed and psychedelic sound, low toned, heavy riffs, but also faster and groovy themes, and references to the '70s of course. The love songs and ballads were not taken from the past times, Kyuss more liked to be rude, badass, to ruin the possible romantic opportunities and found more importance in earthly pleasures and cool vehicles only.

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