Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Runemagick - Envenom (2005)

   The transformation of Runemagick from a death metal band to a death/doom band was a quite slow progress, and took about 5 years and 6 albums to be done. It might be not a so long time, but thanks to the band's high productiveness it takes time to follow and to analyze their musical journey in the depths of darkness.
   The change has begun already on their third album "Resurrection in Blood", where middle- and slower themes showed up on the side of the usual intense death metal riffings. With time the scale of these themes have changed, the slow heaviness took always more part, while the role of speed decreased. This progress took it's final form on "Envenom", that lacks completely the intensiveness that even if have lost a lot from it's importance on the previous albums, still it's occasionally appearing. The extented lenght of the 5 songs that are composing "Envenom" gave endless opportunities to merge deep into obscure levels by their strong atmospheric effect. The characteristic Runemagick sound that became the unique feature of the band and cannot be confused with anything else, also developed during the years and took it's final form. These songs are like repetitive waves between noise and silence, playing with the contrast of extreme heaviness and simple melodies, but they keeping up a sinister feeling and inner frustration. A strongly recommended masterpiece for the fans of death/doom metal!

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