Thursday, March 29, 2018

Thorr's Hammer - Dommedagsnatt (1996)

   What's the best possible outcome if a Norwegian teen girl travels to America as an exhchange student? To gain the needed experiences for her studies of course, but Miss Runhild Gammelsæter also joined to death/doom band for creative spare time activities.
   Her arrival was probably like a dream come true for Thorr's Hammer, a band with a concept based on Norse mythology. She made possible to write their Northern pagan referred lyrics in Norwegian. The band had it's own way to approach the unpopular sound of death/doom. Simple but heavily distorted, noisy themes could be heard on their EP that starts quite atmospheric by the song "Norge". Clear singing and soft melodies creating enjoyable contrast with the noisy, ominous sound and brutally deep growling. The darkest clouds of doom interrupting before the listener could have any false hopes for a safe spiritual refuge, and they take full role on the rest part of the EP.  Miss Gammelsæter's growling skills were really stunning and remarkable even compared to the most known male growlmasters. It sounded similar to the vocal style that Miss Dana Duffey performed in Mythic, but way deeper and more brutal. "Dommedagsnatt" became an iconic (and very rare) death/doom metal classic.

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