Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Marduk - Dark Endless (1992)

   Marduk represented the most aggressive and brutal direction of Northern black metal since their appearence. After they gained wide attention in the underground scene by their demo titled as "Fuck Me Jesus" and earned well to be banned, they got a record contarct very soon.
   Their full-lenght debut was outstanding from the other old and sytle determing black metal bands by it's death metal influences and occasional thrash references. Compared to the main atmospheric ambitions of Norwegian bands, "Dark Endless" sounded way rawer and more rough. Later the role of ordinary Northern sound was higher in their music and they focused more on extreme speed, while on this album it was like only in some experimenting state. As it is well known, blasphemous and Anti-Christian concept is the essential basic of black metal, but Marduk counted quite extreme in this way too. Their exaggerated lyrical style and topics made them even more notorious, and pushed further the borders of the genre. These features made "Dark Endless" an important style forming classic.

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