Friday, June 8, 2018

System of a Down - System of a Down 1998)

   Nu metal was not even accepted as a metal subgenre by the fans of the old school styles because of it's mixing tendencies with different music genres which had nothing to do with metal. This style had some very useful effort though, to gain and lead back a huge audience into metal music.
   System of a Down was one of the best selling and most successful nu metal bands by their genuine style that was easy to distinguish from the tons of other newbies. Their message was more intersting and serious too, but also weird the same time. Political, societal topics appeared commonly on the side of drug abuse related and nonsense lyrics. Common and sudden speed and theme changes were resposnible for the intensiveness of their music, and the very large vocal range of Serj Tankian only increased it's effectiveness. It's hard to shoo off the thought after every listening that Acid Bath may had a strong influence on their musical concept. "Toxicity" brought the real success for them, but the raw basics of their concept are more showy on the debut album. The band just didn't fit into the line of the ordinary nu metal bands, and that was exactly the thing that made a band successful that time in this already dead genre.

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