Monday, June 18, 2018

Last Days of Humanity - The Sound of Rancid Juices Sloshing Around Your Coffin (1998)

   All extreme genres tried to push their boundaries, to go further always, but there is an end of the line in all cases. If there is a possible ending border for grindcore, Last Days of Humanity certainly found it.
   While the pioneers of gore- and porngrind appeared on the late '80s and early '90s, the other exaggerated point, the completely noise-based animalistic insanity arrived a bit later. So nothing really left for the followers of the grindcore renaissance about a decade later, than to mix these basics. Still, probably it would be impossible to surpass what Last Days of Humanity did and still doing. This insane noise that went so far from musicality as it's possible, but still tried to keep the basic features of grindcore. The animalistic vocals are probably artificially distorted and they are mainly responsible for the extremely brutal effect of their music. The concept stayed on the line of goregrind, and they performed it's most exaggerated aspect. Later the band went even further of course and became even noisier. Their debut was only like a warm-up, so the lovers of extreme gore couldn't be disappointed.

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