Monday, May 21, 2018

Blackstar - Barbed Wire Soul (1997)

   The British just love their '70s and '80s heavy metal scene, so it's not surprising if retro endeavours overcome on them. The same thing happened in the case of Blackstar, a short living band that was form on the ruins of Carcass.
    By knowing anything about the musical past of the members, it's evident that this wasn't a project of high notes singing, half naked heavy metal warriors in leather pants, but still it was something far different way for sure. Their one and only album was like a transition of classical heavy metal into the late '90s by adding the actual influences. This is the same way how stoner rock was born, so the similarity of their music may not count as a coincidence. The sound had to be heavier, noisier and the vocal style more harsh for the same serious effect in the late '90s, like a few decades earlier. The lyrics about life, personal issues and inner struggles are also modernized versions of the old school heavy metal lyrical style. The album is kind of party-compatible filled with catchy themes and it's very entertaining in general. It's a proof that great musicians are able to create good music in various genres and styles.

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