Sunday, April 1, 2018

Dying Angel - Mirror of Truth (1996)

   Dying Angel's one and only album was an interesting mix of genres and gave a new taste to the death/doom style.
   Even though they were officially sorted to death metal bands, their music had so strong doom influences, that couldn't be ignored. That didn't come only by the typical doom themes, the extented song lenght, and the slow/mid speed, but they also involved very classical-sounding catchy melodies and keyboards, which are referring to the '80s heavy metal influenced style of doom. The vocal style is quite black metal-like, but often clear singing vocals appearing too. It's definitely not one of the ordinary ways of death/doom how Dying Angel composed it's music. "Mirror of Truth" is like an album on the borderline of styles in different ways. That not only meant as the border of musical styles, but musical eras too. The mix of modern sound and the usual experimental ambitions of those times with classical '80s references. Fresh and modern, but old school too at the same time, it's like a mirror for both sides. Unfortunately this this very unique album is barely known and badly underrated.

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