Monday, April 30, 2018

Abigail - Intercourse & Lust (1996)

   The basics of the very tiny Japanese extreme metal scene were laid down mostly by Sabbat, and later plenty of smaller short living projects appeared. Abigail as one of the few permanent ones, chose to follow the basics and to extend them to a so exaggerated level as it's possible.
   With the same incredible productiveness they tried all possibilities of black/thrash metal. From the simple, punk-influenced thrashing, through the old school spirited mid-speed aggressiveness to the endlessly sick black/death-like brutality all aspects of the style could be found on "Intercourse & Lust". The often annoying yowling vocals that are usual in Japanese music are completely missing (fortunately), wretched/evil cawing having exclusive role. On the side of the hostile dark forces and violence, sexuality and sexual sadism is a common topic of the band, and just like most similar bands, lately they also focused more on that topic. Even Satan worths nothing without sensual pleasures. Abigail was mostly free from the influence of the Northern black metal scene, and it was one first bands after Sarcófago and Blasphemy that showed a different perspective in black influenced metal.

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