Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Mortician - House by the Cemetery (1995)

   Similar to Necrophagia, Mortician was also known about it's limitless horror addiction. The goriest films inspired them to transfer their feeling into music.
   But there is a tiny difference: while the bloody scenes don't take too long, in Mortician's music they never end, they completely focused on these parts. Similar to grindcore bands, they liked to add plenty of intros and outros, but these were taken from horror films of course. "House by the Cemetery" was probably the heaviest and noisiest record they ever made, even on the brutal death/grind field it could be sorted to the most brain damaging ones. Of course the catchy effect of it's distorted sound would be hardly possible to reproduce in live, plus they used drum machine all the time and didn't think about the limits of live playing while they used it. The main feeling is extremely brutal and sick, this raw grinding exceeded the level of visual disturbance. The EP includes one of the best Celtic Frost covers too, which is another cause for an enjoyable nostalgia on the side of the continously referred horror classics.

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