Thursday, May 11, 2017

Acheron - Rites of the Black Mass (1992)

   It's not surprising to find bands symphatizing with occult and satanic lyrical topics in extreme metal. It's way harder to find any who don't take the concept or write similar lyrics only to the seek for wider attention, or to shock the audience, Or not just simply trying to find a darker background for their music.
   Acheron is one of the few exceptions who took satanism seriously, and not only the concept of their music was based on the commitment to the left hand path, but some members took this direction in private life too. Not only this, but the style of "Rites of the Black Mass" reminded them to Deicide. The vocal style and the intensiveness are also similar, the difference is that Acheron's music had more old school thrash influences, and sounds like a lighter version of Deicide. The concept was so important for them, that they attached intros before every song to evocate the feeling of a satanic ritual. It's definitely not the most necessary thing to do, because it could soften the main feeling of the album, but they didn't seem to leave behind this "bad habit", even though their music is more enjoyable without these interruptions.

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