Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Grief - Come to Grief (1994)

   As doom metal was one of the essential components of sludge metal, it might be not surprising if sludge bands like to merge with that genre. And they do that very often.
   Grief as one of the most important classical bands in this style did that in an impressive way the first time. The combination of the harsh rehearsal-like noise and the slow, heavy themes created an even unfriendlier and more demoralizing impression even in sludge, which had these as main features. The genre was still young then, but it was probably clear already that it couldn't offer many opportunities if it's about diversity. Grief just opened the way for the possible depths after Eyehategod and Buzzov•en. Hate on the maximum level, endless disgust, but pain and hopelessness also could be sensed while listening. Disappointment is the main source of this desperate rage, and that turns it passive, more self-destructive and agonizing. It's not the rampaging rage but the suffering kind that will consume itself with time, because there is no way out. "Come to Grief" introduced another possible drastical endgame for the unstable state of mind.

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