Thursday, February 8, 2018

Demonic Christ - Punishment for Ignorance (1995)

   Demonic Christ was one of the rare American bands in the '90s which tried to experiment with black metal, led by Dana Duffey who was known from the short living female death metal project Mythic.
   Even if Miss Duffey's vibes were correct about the uprising of a new extreme genre, this style-changing ambition wasn't so successful for the audience. Black metal had to wait a lot to ooze in with wider welcome into the American scene. Even after the exhaustion of death metal the audience wasn't so receptive in this way. That could be sensed on "Punishment for Ignorance" too, cause even though the band proved that they play well in ordinary Norse black metal style too, the album ended up in raw black/death with plenty of incipient themes and often immature sounding lyrics. Maybe the more direct and therefore stronger death metal influences are responsible for that, but probably the band members didn't catch the main feeling so much yet as they wanted to. It was good for an experiment and an authentic update for the local scene, but also showed that the time didn't came for this style yet. They've stuck somewehere between Norse black metal and Deicide, Morbid Angel influenced blasphemies without unified sound.

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