Saturday, January 20, 2018

Tortharry - When the Memories Are Free (1994)

   Tortharry is another remarkable name that should be mentioned after Root and Krabathor, which bands were the oldest excellency of the small Czech extreme metal scene.
   Tortharry may be less known outside the borders of the Czech Republic, but they also stayed active during the passed decades. Their music was more raw, and therefore less catchy. Burality and intense hammering was the main feature of their music, and even though they sometimes involved some atmospheric sound and fast solo parts, their effect could be barely sensed, simply disappearing between the noisy, heavy riffs. Their music had some brutal death touch on the side of the thrash metal influences which were kind of ordinary at both of the mentioned others, but at Tortharry that appeared only at the drums by simple but stict basic thrash themes. The sound and the main impression somehow reminds me to some less popular German bands, like to the late style of Apophis, but that's maybe because of the raw themes they've operated with.

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