Monday, January 1, 2018

Hetsheads - We Hail the Possessed... (1994)

   Before the groovy metal band Blackshine, the band members had a pre-project called Hetsheads. Under this name they were a less known old school death metal band, and their works during their short existence were resumed on a compilation album titled as "We Hail the Possessed..."
   Their own style wasn't completely develop that time, it sounds more like a fun-made project of death metal fans, so the influences are easy to find. On the side of the evident influence of the Swedish scene, references to Carcass and the strong inspiration by Autopsy could be noticed during listening. The lyrics are according to the concept, based on gore and anti-Christianity. So it's like a melting pot of their current favorites, a summarize of the early '90s death metal wave from a subjective view embedded into noisy, but strong sound. This demo compilation sounds very good compared to ordinary demos, and could cause enjoyable moments for the fans of old school death metal.

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