Monday, December 25, 2017

Mystic Charm - Shadows of the Unknown (1994)

   Mystic Charm's one and only full-lenght album is a forgotten genuine death/doom classic, that is probably one of the best early albums of the genre.
   "Shadows of the Unknown" is not remarkable only because of it's excellent sound and themes, but because it created such a rough and powerful musical impression that could be a perfect example to describe what death/doom used to be about. Even though the album didn't slip into any expected exaggerated points that could be normal in this style, but kept staying in the middle way, it's still very effective. No melancolic or romantic references, no endlessly extented song lenght or funeral doom-like depths, it's about pure heaviness and strong sound. The occasional melodic atmosphere also don't have more role than it used to be, it's only there to complete the soundtrack of slow but certain destruction. The vocal style assisting well and sounding more like a demonic growl than female vocals, so it's definitely unlike the main tendencies. All-in-one it's a well composed masterpiece without any weak points. 

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